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pumpkin at pomeroy farm
Listed on the National Register of Historic Properties, this farmstead includes the Pomeroy's log home built in 1920, a working blacksmith shop, barn, extensive herb and vegetable gardens, pastures and woodlot. The Farm utilizes living history as an interpretational technique to share with school children and the general public what life was like on a pre-electrical farm several generations ago.
School Field Trips

students at Pomeroy Farm School children explore the farm through different half-day field trip programs, each tailored to the educational development and interests of specific grade levels. Fourth through sixth graders learn about self-sufficiency and recycling on the farm through activities such as braiding rope from leftover baling twine. Second and third graders learn about work and play on the farm. They do many chores that were expected of children their age - from churning butter to grinding corn and feeding the animals.

Kindergartners and first graders have a hayride and pumpkin patch experience in the fall.

In 2010 over 3,500 students participated in these programs.

Historic Farming

working at Pomeroy FarmThe farm is also a significant heritage resource as Clark County grows and becomes more urbanized. As homes and industries grow into the countryside, farming becomes more and more something that goes on somewhere else, far away. Pomeroy Living History Farm remains a farm where an increasingly urban and urbane population is welcome to experience farm life firsthand. The farm's chickens, cows, goats, pigs, and horse are a great source of excitement and wonder for children.

Five part-time paid staff develop and oversee the programs, provide volunteer training and supervision, and take care of the livestock. Executive Director Bob Brink taught in the public schools for twelve years and holds degrees in education and history.

The Farm is also an active member in the Association of Living History Farms and Museums (ALHFAM) located at www.alhfam.org. Click here to go to our links page.

Pomeroy Living History Farm is a not for profit, 501 C 3, public benefit educational museum.