Check back for information on our kids workshop series and our fall workshops!

Homesteading Workshop Series

Interested in the basics of herbs, oils, and salves? This workshop is perfect for you! In this 2-hour class you will learn a variety of skills including growing herbs at home, infusing herbs & oils, and the basics of salve making. Make and take home your very first batch of salve!

Beekeeping 101 Flyer

This workshop is perfect for honey lovers, wannabee backyard beekeepers, and all those who just want to know what all the buzz is about. In this 2-hour class, Joy will teach you all the essentials you need to know about home beekeeping, from getting your first queen to harvesting the sweet rewards of your work.


Learn all of the ins and outs of canning from a pro! In this 2-hour class Rachel will walk you through the basics of ensuring food quality, proper processing methods, canning equipment, and more!