Micro-Weddings & Elopements


A micro-wedding is that perfect blend between an intimate elopement and a full-scale wedding. With our ever-changing world, this may be an excellent option to pursue. Micro-weddings typically include a ceremony and reception with a guest count much smaller than a traditional wedding. The benefits of micro-weddings are endless, and we are so excited to begin offering them at Pomeroy Farm! Here are a few advantages to this unconventional option:

  • More Intimate: Having only your closest friends and family by your side can not only be a huge stress reliever on your part but can elevate the experience for your guests to an entirely new level!

  • Budget-Friendly: Decreasing your guest count means you will spend less money on a venue, catering, drinks, stationery, etc. Use this to your advantage to splurge on some of those must-have items that may not have been originally feasible.

  • Managing Those Wedding Day Surprises: Last-minute surprises or emergencies on your wedding day can be an enormous stress! With a smaller wedding, fewer surprises are likely to pop up, and those that do will be far more manageable.

  • Reduced Pressure: This is your day, and it should be how you’ve always dreamed! A smaller wedding means that there will be less pressure to plan your day around other people’s expectations or traditions.

If you would like more information on hosting your micro-wedding (up to 30 guests) or elopement (up to 15 guests) at Pomeroy Farm, please fill out the contact form below. If you have a date in mind and an estimated guest count, please include that information in your submission.

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